Our scribblers are loving what we do!

Hi! I really like ScribblerZone so far. I heard about it from a magazine called ‘The Week Junior’  and that’s where I learned about the competition! So I made an account and I’m really glad I did because it is awesome for people like me who are crazy into writing ✍️
Sofia S, ScribblerZone member
I really enjoy scribbling on ScribblerZone and your tips and starters are really inspiring for budding artists and the future generation. Thank you so much for all that you are doing for us during this pandemic time. 👏👏👏Wishing you all the best once again for your future events 🙏🙏🙏and hope you will be able to weave more creative pieces🏆 Thank you 😍  
Gabriela George 
ScribblerZone member
Hi Tonya and Natasha, I just wanted to let you know that I am really enjoying being in Scribbler Zone and I think it is incredible
Sophie Hall, ScribblerZone member.
Scribblerzone is a brilliant website full to the brim with amazing people and writing tips that have supported me so much and rekindled my passion for writing. I have made so many new friends and established connections with people all around the world. I feel so safe and comfortable at Scribberzone and it is my go-to writing website. I wholly recommend it!
Eva Woolven ScribblerZone member.

“Winning the Scribblerzone competition with my story, The Keeper of History, was a dream come true! I heard about ScribblerZone in The Week Junior and I’m enjoying it tremendously. It’s wonderful for young writers like me.” 

Sofia Spiegel, ScribblerZone member

“I’m so pleased to be included in this anthology. I’ve only been writing for about a year and I love it. ScribblerZone gives me lots of help and tips which encourages me to write more.”

Imogen Irving, ScribblerZone member.

“I’m super excited to see my stories published in an anthology and love having the opportunity to share my stores with others on ScribblerZone.”

Xena Hartwell ScribblerZone member.

"When I received a friendly email from the Scribbling Sisters telling me I'd won second prize in their competition, I was thrilled.  I had entered with absolutely no idea of what was to come and then suddenly my story was getting published! I am really happy about it and I hope what I wrote will be enjoyed. The competition has really encouraged me to do more creative writing. Thanks!  

Esther Malone ScribblerZone member.

“I entered the competition as I want to be a writer, inspired by J.K Rowling and Derek Landy.   I love history and fantasy which I combined in my story.  Swansea has lots of history but I’ve never read about it in a kid’s book. I am thrilled to have won.”

Lily Davies, ScribblerZone member

“I feel absolutely ecstatic that I won the competition, I’m practically bouncing off the walls of my house, unlucky to those who tried and lost but I just feel so great that I won. For me to win something is a huge achievement for I rarely win things. I am glad I won because my whole family is being supportive and is cheering me on through these tough times, my family is the best thing and is the most valuable thing to me, they are my treasure. Once again, I am deeply grateful for my victory and thank you! Everyone!”

Jack Armstrong, ScribblerZone member

“It was amazing to receive the email telling me that I had won the Young Journalist writing competition. I was really proud and excited! It has inspired me to keep writing and hopefully become a famous author when I am older.”

 Joshua Milarvie, ScribblerZone member

“I was delighted to find out I had won The Young Journalist Competition for my age category. It has given me a real confidence boost and taught me to have more faith in myself! I would like to thank the judges for choosing my article and I’m really grateful to ScribblerZone for providing young people with these fantastic opportunities.”

Aidan McAllen ScribblerZone member

“It feels amazing!  I don’t think I have ever won anything before and it is really astounding that I have now.  I literally couldn’t speak when I found out I had won and I instantly phoned all my family.  They are all so proud of me.  It is a bit surreal because when you enter a competition, you don’t really expect to win it and I didn’t really think much about it when I entered, but now I’ve won it, I realise actually how much I wanted to!  Thank you so much for choosing my story.” 

Amelia Frost, ScribblerZone member
"It feels amazing to be a winner of the ScribblerZone Writing Competition 2021. I never thought that the judges would pick my story among so many entries, so I was elated to see my name on the website! The prize is fantastic too, as it will help to perfect my writing skills and will allow my winning entry to be published in hardback! Being a winner has made me feel much more confident in my story writing, which is what I benefited most from. I will definitely be entering the competition again next year!"
Aiya Zamurrud, ScribblerZone member
"I recently won the scribbler zone writing competition in the 7 - 10 category.  When I found out the result that I had won the writing competition, I was actually in school, I was stunned because I only entered to have fun and to practice my writing skills .I had never won a writing competition before but scribbler zone changed that. They are an awesome writing website and have inspired me to continue writing."
Sophie Hall, ScribblerZone member
“I rate this website five stars because it allows children to discuss ideas and has a small community. It’s simple to use, fabulous. It gives children something to do in these hard and difficult times. Thank you for all you do”  
Finn Dolan ScribblerZone member
“I like the story ideas and enjoy being able to put my stories onto the site for others to read. I love being able to vote for my favourite story.”   
Xena Hartwell scribblerzone member

Hi!  I have done my first masterclass Pens to Paper, and it was amazing! Thank you for making the masterclasses, I learn so much!   Thanks.
Mila, ScribblerZone member
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