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  •  Writing Activities
  •  PenPals writing community
  •  Interviews
  •  Info on writing comps


License for one user

  •  Everything in the free membership 
  •  Storytelling Superstar monthly competition to be a published author. (Winners get a copy of the anthology)
  •  Monthly masterclasses
  •  Writing critiques (3 per year)
  •  Ask an author Q&A
  •  Weekly story starter ideas
  •  Exclusive interviews
  •  Donation to the World Literacy Foundation


One site license for up to 30 users.
  • Everything in the free membership
  •   Storytelling Superstar Monthly Competition to be a published author. (Winners get a copy of the anthology)
  •   Monthly masterclasses
  •   Virtual workshop worth £125 - 1 per year
  •   Ask an author Q&A
  •   Weekly story starter     ideas
  •   Exclusive interviews
  •  Donation to the World Literacy Foundation

Whole School

One site license for unlimited users
  • Everything that is in the free membership
  •  Storytelling Superstar Monthly Competition to be a published author. (Winners get a copy of the anthology)
  •  Monthly masterclasses
  •  Virtual workshop worth £125 - 1 per year
  •  Ask an author Q&A
  •  Weekly story starter ideas
  •  Exclusive interviews
  • Donation to the World Literacy Foundation

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A thriving community

What our scribblers are saying about us

Hi! I really like ScribblerZone so far. I heard about it from a magazine called ‘The Week Junior’  and that’s where I learned about the competition! So I made an account and I’m really glad I did because it is awesome for people like me who are crazy into writing ✍️!
Sofia ScribblerZone member
Scribblerzone is a brilliant website full to the brim with amazing people and writing tips that have supported me so much and rekindled my passion for writing. I have made so many new friends and established connections with people all around the world. I feel so safe and comfortable at Scribberzone and it is my go-to writing website. I wholly recommend it!
Eva  ScribblerZone member
I really enjoy scribbling on scribbler zone and your tips and starters are really inspiring for budding artists and the future generation. Thank you so much for all that you are doing for us 👏👏👏
Gabriela  ScribblerZone member 

Frequently asked questions

What is ScribblerZone?

ScribblerZone is an online writing club for children to make writing fun.

What do I get for my membership?

Weekly writing challenges; The chance to be a published author with our Storytelling Superstar monthly writing competitions; Their writing queries answered in our Ask an Author sessions; Pen pals section so they can talk to other young Scribblers from around the world; Monthly features where we talk to authors and other in the publishing industry; Reviews of helpful writing resources

What age of children is it suitable for?

We recommend children aged 7 years plus will get the most from ScribblerZone

 Is it safe for my child to use?

Yes absolutely, we monitor the content and what our young scribblers are doing online very closely.

How will you deal with any inappropriate behaviour of other members?

Should any of our young scribblers engage in inappropriate behaviour they will be warned in the first instance. Should the behaviour be repeated their membership will be ended without further warning. ScribblerZone will not tolerate the bad behaviour of a minority to affect the enjoyment of the majority of its members.

Is there a minimum notice period if my child wants to cancel their membership?

No – the membership will end on the day before the next payment would’ve been taken from your account.

Does my child have to do everything online?

No because the writing activities can be done anywhere and in fact we positively encourage them to get away from the screen to write so you can monitor how often they go online.

Do they have to go into the club at a set time?

No, they can login whenever they want to and from wherever they want to which means it will fit in with other activities and family time.

Is it only for children who want to be authors?

No – being able to write effectively is a crucial skill for everyone and we’ll be setting a variety of writing challenges both fiction and non-fiction so that our young scribblers can hone their skills.

How much of my subscription goes to charity?

We will donate 5% of all membership fees to the World Literacy Foundation. We are passionate about wanting children to have fun with their writing and they support projects all over the world helping disadvantaged children to learn to read and write so they can live better lives and you will be helping us do that.

I don’t live in the UK, can I still join?

Absolutely, we are happy to accept members from anywhere in the world and are able to take all currencies.
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