Publish your own book with ScribblerZone and Saronti

Every author would love to hold a copy of their own book in their hands. So we have teamed up with Saronti to give you the complete publishing process for young writers

We have linked up with the amazing team at Saronti to bring you the opportunity to publish your very own beautiful hardback books. 

We know how much you love writing and would love to have your stories published and now you can!

All you need to do is download the relevant word document, type in your story and send it off to Saronti to publish. 

Of course, if you want to make sure it’s the best it can be you can send it to us to critique and give you feedback first and then you know there won’t be any of those annoying little typos that you find afterwards. 

So now you have all the writing inspiration, help and support to write those fantastic stories and get them published - all in one place.

Taking you from enthusiastic scribbler to published author!

Open to all ScribblerZone members

3 Easy Steps to Being a Published Author

Use the templates
Complete the template for either a picture book or a chapter book 
Review Your Story
Get your story reviewed and critiques by us (individual paid members only).Do that final check.
Go to  and upload your book, choose how many copies you want.
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