Sophie Hall 1st prize 7-10 year old category

Chapter One Questions

Why don’t I have dreams? Olivia asked herself. Olivia is just ten years old and becoming more aware of the world around her. She was listening to her lively godmother, Ayla, who was explaining with delight the dreams she used to experience when she was younger. Olivia’s favourite dream stories are the ones where her godmother solves complicated mysteries with her fearsome friends. Olivia longed to be like her Godmother one day. Olivia loved it when her Godmother told her these imaginative stories. But sometimes she felt frustrated because she had no dreams of her own to tell her Godmother about. “Why don’t I get these amazing dreams Ayla?” questioned Olivia. Olivia’s Godmother decided she should tell Olivia about the Key of Dreams, a key that unlocks dreams into children's heads at night. Olivia listened with curiosity and amazement.

Chapter Two The Secret Society

The next day dawned upon Olivia. Olivia clambered out of bed, tore her pyjamas off and chucked her clothes on. Olivia raced down the stairs quicker than she’d ever done before. She wolfed down her breakfast, and sprinted to her friend's secret hideout. When Olivia got there, she did the special knock to let her friends know it was her. “We’re upstairs” came the reply. Olivia pounded up the stairs and into her friend's secret meeting room. There, sat around twinkling fairy lights were her best friends. “You okay?” asked her friend Lottie with a hint of concern in her voice. “ Yes but there is something I nee-need tt-too aa-ask you guys” stuttered Olivia. She was very nervous about what her friends might reply… . “ Go on” urged Lilita, “ What is it?” questioned Nia. “ Well there is no easy way to ask this but do you have any dreams at night, like adventures?”. The friends pondered this for a while. Olivia was fidgeting in her seat waiting for their responses. After what seemed like forever the girls told Olivia the sad truth, “ No we dd-don’t” stammered the girls with a hint of disappointment in their hazelnut eyes. “ Don’t worry, I don’t either. My godmother told me that dreams are opened by the key of dreams” replied Olivia. “ Maybe we should form a secret society to work out where the key is and why it has stopped giving dreams” suggested Phoenix, the most inquisitive one of the friends. “ Yes, that's a great idea as the key may have gone missing, and it will be our job to find it” responded Beatrice with a hint of excitement. “ Let’s do it” chimed in everyone, so everything was set. The group of detective friends met in their secret meeting room every day after school, to try and solve the mystery. On her next visit to her caring Godmother, Olivia told Ayla of her and her friends' plan. “ That’s a great idea sweetheart ” Ayla, her godmother replied with pride. “ Thanks Ayla, you are the best godmother, ” Olivia answered with love and affection.

Chapter Three Quest of the last Dream

Firstly, Olivia and her friends decided that they needed to find out who had the last dream. This would prove to be harder than they thought… by the time the weekend came Olivia was exhausted. To try and find out who had the last dream the girls made flyers and sent them all around the world and gave them a number to call, asking when their last dream was. Every day they would have hundreds of calls from people around the globe. Their phones would not stop ringing in class, and soon the teachers became suspicious. However, the teachers giving them detentions would not stop Olivia and her fearsome friends; they continued to answer the phone calls no matter what time of day. The whole gang were desperate to save children’s dreams, and were willing to do anything to find the key. After months of constant phone calls Olivia and her friends worked out that Elsie, in Year 6 of their own school, was the last person who had a dream. Sadly that dream began with a cute unicorn in an enchanted forest, but then turned into a nightmare which had really upset her. When Olivia and her fellow detectives realised Elsie was so close, they jumped for joy.

Chapter Four Quest of the Missing Key

Now that Olivia and her team had found the last dream, they concentrated on working out where the key had gone. They decided as a group the first place to look was Elsie’s house as that was where the key had last unlocked a dream. As soon as they could, they all arranged with Elsie to go to her house for a sleepover. Once the girls had told Elsie why they were here everyone settled down to hot chocolate, whipped cream and marshmallows in her bedroom. “ This is delicious” cried the girls, stuffing their faces full with the rich creamy liquid. Once they were in private, Nia explained her idea. “ We should all close our eyes and hold hands and pray that the key will appear” suggested Nia. “ Let’s give it a go” cried all the girls. The girls closed their eyes, linked hands and prayed. “Open your eyes” said an unfamiliar voice. The girls did as told. Right there in front of them , looking scared, was a miniscule bronze key! “Oh my!” exclaimed the girls.

Chapter Five Convincing the Key

“Why have you called upon me?” asked the key. Sophie tried to explain how sad they all were that they didnt have dreams, and that they wanted to know why all the dreams had stopped. The key was hesitant at first. He settled down and told the girls why he really stopped. It was because he had given a child a nightmare by mistake and didnt want to make another mistake like that ever again. Olivia listened carefully and then told the key that all the children were sad that they didnt get wonderful dreams and that it would still be worth it, even if there was a nightmare once in a while! They pleaded with the key to come back and continue unlocking dreams once again. He went away, and the girls waited anxiously. At 10pm he came back and addressed the girls with his decision … “ I have decided to … continue unlocking dreams” announced the Key, “ That’s a great decision you won’t regret it” cried the girls. “Thank you so much!”

Chapter Six Dreams Unlocked

Once the girls solved the mystery, they were overjoyed and excited to tell everyone. All the children at school patted the team of girls on the back and said well done and thank you. To prove their thanks they set up a surprise party for all the girls in recognition of their triumph. Everyone enjoyed the party heaps, and there was karaoke, disco and loads of party food! When they all went to bed that night the key got to work on unlocking the dreams of children around the globe. Olivia now loves to tell her godmother about the dreams she gets each and every night. Olivia’s dream came true. She did become like her Godmother with her interesting and captivating dreams, solving mysteries with her fearsome friends. The key to dreams continues to fill childrens heads with wonder.

The End

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