We're on a mission to make writing fun and exciting!

We are Tonya & Natasha, AKA The Scribbling Sisters (and yes we really are sisters!)

As well as being two mad sisters and bookworms we’re also award-winning authors of a series of stories about a little dog called Pojo (he’s the one in the middle) who gets itchy paws when his owner Sam goes off to sleep or school.  So far, he’s been a pirate, a knight, a roman, he’s saved the rainforest and blown the gunpowder plot and he’s also been to Egypt so he’s been a busy boy.
As authors we’ve been going into schools and bookshops for a while now running writing workshops and we’ve been blown away by the number of young people who have come and told us that they love writing stories and want to be authors when they grow up.

Well, that got us thinking and we thought, wouldn’t it be great if there was something online where all those budding young authors could get lots of ideas for their stories and engage with other like-minded young writers too. 

We also knew that young writers love to engage with real authors as it inspires them to write more so that’s how we came up with ScribblerZone.

We wanted to create an exciting online community for all young writers.  We wanted it to be a safe place where they can have fun with their writing and talk to others. Well, judging by the comments we’ve had from our members so far, it seems we’ve managed to do just that!  They love chatting to each other about all things reading and writing related and helping each other out with their stories. 

They have also really enjoyed our masterclasses and interviews that we do with other authors, so they are getting some top tips from the professionals.

They also love submitting their stories to our Storytelling Superstar monthly writing competitions and we love the fact that we can make the winners published authors as their stories go into our annual anthology.   

It really gives us a warm glow knowing that we help our young scribblers to fulfil their dreams and make them be better writers and we want to help even more so why not come on board and join us at ScribblerZone, we’d love to help you with your writing.   

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